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Muscle Up Practice

Take 10-15 minutes to practice ring and bar muscle up technique and/or proficiency.


Metcon (Time)

“Diamond In The Rough”


Ring Muscle-ups

Devil’s Press 50 / 35 lb’s

Dumbbell Box Step-Overs (24″/20″)

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– The ring muscle-ups should be completed in no more than 3 sets on any round. Cap the time at 2:00 or reduce the reps if feeling unsure about your capacity.

– The devil’s presses do not need to be completely quickly but they should be completed unbroken each round. Dumbbells should swing between the legs and move in 1 swift motion to the overhead postion. It is okay for the dumbbells to stop at the shoulders on the way down but NOT on the way up. There should not be a “redip” of the legs. These should not taker longer than 2:00 on any round.

– The dumbbell box step-overs should be performed with dumbbells hanging down by the sides. Atheltes do not need to stand all the way up going over box but both feet DO need to touch the top of the box before stepping down. These should take less than 1:00 each round even with a potential quick break on the 10’s, 8’s, and 6’s.

– Score: Time


– Over the course of this workout we’ll be accumulating 30 reps of each movement. We want to choose our break up strategy based on how we think we would approach this workout if it were 1 round of 30 reps of each movement for time.

– Most athletes will need 2-3 sets on the rounds of 10, 8, and 6 ring muscle-ups. Plan to break these rounds to conserve the grip and to keep sets consistent each round. Aim for 1-2 sets on the round of 4’s and 2’s.

– The devil’s presses will be a grind. We want to try to stay moving here. The best place to rest is on the ground beween reps. It is the place we are least under tension. We can lose a lot of time, fire up the posterior chain, and have trouble controlling the heart rate if we rest standing in a forward fold with hands on the dumbbells.

– The box step-overs will also be a grind and taxing on the grip and shoulders. 1 break on the 10’s, 8’s, and even the 6’s could be helpful to ensure that you’ll be able to hop right back up on the rings. Once you start a set, move quickly an

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