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Legless Rope Climbs


Max Legless Rope Climbs (15 ft.)

– Over the next 12 weeks, we’ll be working toward improving our strict pulling strength. Legless rope climbs are a valuable skill to have as the upper body strength demand is much higher than many of our other movements. If we can build up our capacity in this movement, we’ll see our stamina increase in our other movements such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, and toes to bar.

– If you cannot complete a legless rope climb just yet, let’s begin our journey by climbing to a lower target such as 12, 10, or 8ft. Over the coming weeks, we’ll climb to that same target and work toward building up enough stamina and confidence to make it all the way up the rope.

– We do not want to sub these for regular rope climbs as these do not accomplish the stimulus we are after. Check the substitutions for other options if you are limited on equipment or would like another option. Whatever you choose to do today will be the same movement we want to complete in the progression you’ll see in the coming weeks.

– Only fully completed legelss rope climbs to the target you choose will count.

– Score: Reps



– Reduce Height

– 1 Rope = 3 Strict Chin-Ups (Palms Face You)


Metcon (Time)

“Master of None”

For Time:

60/45 Calorie Row

45 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

30 Deadlifts 225 / 155 lb

15 Bar-Facing Burpees

– Conditoning Category: Threshold

– This chipper style workout will be a test of grip, grit, and lungs.

– The row should take less than 5:00

– The chest to bar pull-ups should take less than 4:00. You should be able to complete the 45 chest to bar in no more than 6 sets. If needed, reduce the reps.

– The deadlifts should take less than 3:00. The weight should be a moderate weight that you can complete the 30 deadlifts in no more than 5 quick sets.

– The bar facing burpees should take less than 2:00.

– Score: Time


1. If we want to complete the row in under 5:00, guys will need to row at least 12 cals per minute, and ladies will need to row at least 9 cals per minute. Find a pace that is just outside your comfort zone and hold steady knowing this will be the only time you will be rowing within this workout. Be mindful of how tightly you are gripping the handle here as well in order to conserve the forearms for the rest of the workout.

2. Let’s push our sets a bit today on the chest to bar. Sets of 8, or more is the goal. Breaks should be quick and diliberate.

3. The deadlifts will be our last grippy station. This will be the station that will our true test of grit. Let’s see if we can complete the deads in 2-5 sets.

4. Light the fire on the burpees at the end. These should be FAST and uncomfortable.



– 60/45 Calorie Bike Erg

– 45/36 Calorie Assault or Echo Bike, Ski Erg, or Air Run

– 600m Run


– Reduce Reps

– Banded Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

– Regular Pull-Ups

– Strict Chest To Bar or Pull-Ups

– Alternating Double Dumbbell Plank Rows


– Reduce Weight

– Double Dumbbell/Kettlebell


– Regular Burpees

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