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Pulling – Clean (5-5-5-5-5)

5 Sets:

3 Low-Hang Clean Deadlifts

2 Low-Hang Clean Pulls

Rest as needed between sets.

– The intention is unbroken sets.

– This is going to strengthen our pull and our grip.

All percentages based off 1RM Clean:

Set 1 – 70% of 1 RM Clean

Set 2 – 73% of 1 RM Clean

Set 3 – 76% of 1 RM Clean

Set 4 – 79% of 1 RM Clean

Set 5 – 82% of 1 RM Clean


Bench Press

Part A – 3 sets:

1 Tempo Pausing Bench Press (4s Down, 2s Pause, Regular Up)

1 Tempo Bench Press (4s Down, Regular Up)

1 Bench Press

Rest 2:00 between sets

Part B – 1 Set:

Max Reps Bench Press

– All percentages based off your 5RM Bench Press:

Part A – 95%

Part B – 73%


Metcon (Time)

“Shin Guard”

For Time:


Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)

– Complete box-facing burpees.

– The barbell should be a weight we could complete 15+ clean and jerks unbroken when fresh.


– We can approach the workout in 2 ways. We can push the burpee box jump overs and go steady singles on the barbell OR we find a steady pace on the box and aim to cycle the bar.

– Let’s aim to tackle the weaker movement today and get outside our comfort zone.

– If cycling the bar, 2-3 sets works great or a mixture of touch and go reps and singles.


Burpee Box Jump Overs

– Burpee to Target

– Regular Burpees

– Bar-Facing Burpees

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