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Clean & Jerk (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1)

On the minute x 8 Sets:

1 Clean & Jerk
– Keeping great positioning the focus, we’ll build up to a moderate Clean & Jerk today.

Sets 1+2 – 60% of 1RM Clean & Jerk

Sets 3+4 – 65% of 1RM Clean & Jerk

Sets 5+6 – 70% of 1RM Clean & Jerk

Sets 7+8 – 75% of 1RM Clean & Jerk


Metcon (Time)

“In The Air Tonight”

10 Rounds For Time:

3 Power Clean and Jerks (135/95)

6 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

9 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
– Looking for a weight on the barbell we could easily complete 3+ clean and jerks unbroken when fresh.

– Looking for a kettlebell weight we can hold onto for unbroken sets of 9 every round.

– Power Cleans: Steady singles or unbroken sets of 3. Determine if you want to work on cycling the barbell or improve your speed on burpees before you start this workout so you are aware of where you need to pace and where you want to push.

– Lateral Burpees: Smooth pace and focus on foot work. If holding on for unbroken sets on the bar, let’s pace these quite a bit. If going with steady singles on the bar, let’s try to push the pace a bit.

– Kettlebell Swings: Hold on for unbroken sets of 9 and focus on breathing during this movement. This should be your recovery station.

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