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Metcon (Time)

“Acid Reflux”

5 Rounds for Time:

15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

15/12 Calorie Row

9 Thrusters (115/85)
– Subs for row in case of equipment limitations are 12/9 calorie assault bike or 200m run.

– Looking for a weight on the barbell we feel confident in cycling 9+ thrusters unbroken when fresh.

– If you cannot complete 15+ chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, let’s reduce the reps or modify the movement to banded chest-to-bar pull-ups, chin over bar pull-ups, or ring rows.

– Let’s shoot for 2-3 sets on the pull-ups every round.

– Pace the row so we can go for big sets on the thrusters.

– Aim for 1-2 sets on the thrusters every round.

– Rounds 3 and 4 are where this workout really resides. Let’s be smart with our pacing in rounds 1 and 2 so that we can maintain in rounds 3 and 4 with round 5 being the victory lap.

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